Lettuce Have Salad for Breakfast

Breakfast for Dinner, we already love. Makes us feel like mealtime rebels, mixing up a batch of pancakes at 6 PM.

But Salad for Breakfast? Oh, YES.

Salad for Breakfast is not the normal high carb breakfast system of cereal or bagels. It’s only 6 AM and we can already score points for eating well for the day. Puts us ahead nutritionally from the start.

Lettuce has a mild flavor that is light and sweet. It is low in calories and delicious. You undoubtedly already know how great it is for lunch and for dinner. You simply must try a lettuce-based salad for breakfast if you haven’t yet.

Secrets to Successful Salad for Breakfast

Be sure you don’t try this with old, bitter lettuce. Without super great quality lettuce, it just won’t work. You need the freshest lettuce. Get it from us at Worden Farm, or if you’re somewhere out of our area, find a local farmer. Or grow it yourself. Because it really makes a difference.

THIS is fresh lettuce.

Wash and dry your lettuce when you get it home. Then all you need to do when you wake up is grab a couple leaves, tear them over your bowl, and throw on a few toppings. Keep your favorite toppings readily at hand, and you’ve got a quick weekday breakfast solution.

Fresh, hand-torn lettuce. A blank canvas for Salad for Breakfast.

Top It Off

Choose toppings that are mild in flavor, or those that already give you a mental association with breakfast. Save the strong toppings for lunch or dinner. For your Salad for Breakfast, think less “olives, blue cheese, and salami” toppings here, and more in the realm of “granola, dried apricots, and almonds”.

Three toppings is the magic number for a minimalist yet complete Breakfast Salad. Aim for the trifecta of protein, colorful sweetness, and crunch. Pick one from each category. Some of the categories overlap, like nuts are crunchy protein, so you get a two-fer. Mix it up with different combinations, and you won’t get bored.

  1. Protein. We like almonds, hard boiled eggs, a dollop of plain Greek yogurt, garbanzo beans, or smoked salmon.
  2. Colorful sweetness. Try blueberries, shredded beets, sliced carrots, dried fruit, or orange segments.
  3. Crunch. Toss on sunflower seeds, diced cucumber, granola or a crumbled rice cake.

For dressing, a simple splash of olive oil or a tablespoon of mashed avocado and a swirl of balsamic glaze does the trick.

Salad for Breakfast of Worden Farm lettuce with Greek yogurt, dried cranberries and sunflower seeds, dressed with a splash of olive oil and a swirl of balsamic glaze.

Salad for Breakfast cures the Boring Breakfast Blues without slowing you down in the morning. It takes two minutes to make, start to finish, with delicious results.

Get your veggie game going first thing in the morning. Start your day with Salad for Breakfast.

P.S. Here’s why we are inspired to eat lettuce all day long.

With lettuce this fresh and vibrant at Worden Farm, how could we not want to eat it for every meal? Get this lettuce from us at our farmers markets or through our CSA farm membership program.


This fabulous cultivar is called ‘Fusion’. It has crunchy stems like a Romaine lettuce, and wavy leaves like a leaf lettuce. The flavor is sweet and light.

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