Zucchini is a versatile vegetable and is a type of summer squash. It is excellent raw in salads, marinated, grilled, stir fried, sautéed, stuffed and baked, and diced or pureed for soups. Adaptable Zucchini Bread This recipe is a favorite at Worden Farm. It has worked well with every variation we can conjure, from substituting ripe bananas for half of the zucchini, adding chopped apples and walnuts, or grating fresh ginger and zesting … Continue reading Zucchini

Brown Rice Stuffing

While not as popular in most of the U.S. as the more traditional bread stuffing, rice stuffing does have its followers in the Southeast because of the major rice growing areas in Georgia, South Carolina, Texas, and Louisiana.  We love the nuttiness of brown rice so chose that over white rice.  Our stuffing is made much like bread stuffing in that it uses onions, carrots, … Continue reading Brown Rice Stuffing

Roasted Butterkin Squash and Sage Puree

Butterkin squash may look like baby pumpkins inside and out but they’re really a variety all their own.  They are a winter squash that tastes closer to acorn squash or butternut squash than pumpkin.  Roast them in the oven with a little butter, brown sugar, sage, salt, and pepper.  It’s amazing! This is part of  “A Florida Family Farm Thanksgiving“, a collaboration of Worden Farm with … Continue reading Roasted Butterkin Squash and Sage Puree