White Turnip and Turnip Green Hash with Spanish Chorizo

Hash is a creative way to utilize ingredients left over from making other dishes.  A lot of recipes use potato but another great option is to replace the potato with the underappreciated turnip. This is excellent for breakfast, or for a side dish with lunch or dinner. This dish is really about the turnip; a small amount of chorizo is added for flavor and color; Turnips … Continue reading White Turnip and Turnip Green Hash with Spanish Chorizo

Veggie Frittata with Turnips and Swiss Chard

Frittatas are like omelets in that they are a great and delicious way to enjoy your seasonal vegetables.  They are an every-meal kind of dish; enjoy them for breakfast, lunch, dinner, or a late-night snack.  They also make for an excellent appetizer for your holiday parties and get-togethers. Preparation Time:  15 minutes Cooking Time:  35 minutes (10 minutes to cook the veggies; 20-25 minutes to … Continue reading Veggie Frittata with Turnips and Swiss Chard

Western-style Veggie Omelet

Veggies for breakfast? Absolutely! They are a great way to use up any that you may have leftover from making other dishes like soups. Many recipes call for either a pound of this or a cup of that but not a lot of veggies come grown to those exact measurements so use what you need to make your soup, stew, casserole or other dish and … Continue reading Western-style Veggie Omelet

Lettuce Have Salad for Breakfast

Breakfast for Dinner, we already love. Makes us feel like mealtime rebels, mixing up a batch of pancakes at 6 PM. But Salad for Breakfast? Oh, YES. Salad for Breakfast is not the normal high carb breakfast system of cereal or bagels. It’s only 6 AM and we can already score points for eating well for the day. Puts us ahead nutritionally from the start. Lettuce has a mild flavor that is light … Continue reading Lettuce Have Salad for Breakfast