Vegan Black Bean Chili

Many thanks to Chef Instructors Jenna Hartman-Fox, Jason Osborne, and Ron Westrom, along with the students of the Charlotte Technical College Culinary Arts Program for creating and preparing this recipe! Yield 10 Servings Ingredients 1 #             Black Beans, dried, soaked overnight OR quick soaked 2 oz           Olive Oil 8 oz           Onions, yellow, small dice 4 oz           Carrots, small dice 4 oz           Celery, small dice 12 … Continue reading Vegan Black Bean Chili

Gazpacho Andalusia

1#                    Tomatoes, cored, diced 1#                    Cucumbers, peeled, seeded, diced 10oz                Green Peppers, seeded, diced 10oz                Red Peppers, seeded, diced 1lb                   Onions, sliced 1#                    Gluten Free Bread, diced 24oz                Tomato Juice 2oz                  Tomato Puree 4 cloves           Garlic, paste ½ each             Jalapeno minced 2.5 oz              Olive Oil 3oz                  White Wine Vinegar 2 tsp                Salt 1 tsp                Pepper 4oz                  Gluten Free Croutons 1#                    Tomatoes, cored, … Continue reading Gazpacho Andalusia

Sautéed Balsamic Greens & Sous Vide Tomato Confit with Olive Oil and Herbs

Sautéed Balsamic Greens Yield: about 16 tomato cups   Ingredients: 1 Bulb              Fennel, core removed, washed, minced 4 Cups             Worden Farm Escarole, cleaned, torn in 1 inch pieces 1 Cup               Worden Farm Kale, cleaned, stems removed, torn in 1 inch pieces 1 oz.                 Olive oil, infused with tomato and herb, from sous vide tomato recipe 3 tsp.               Garlic, minced 2 oz.                Balsamic vinegar 1 … Continue reading Sautéed Balsamic Greens & Sous Vide Tomato Confit with Olive Oil and Herbs

Escarole & Spaghetti Squash Soup with Cured Tomatoes and Fresh Herbs

A cold front is on the way, so we are making soup today! Yield: 1 Quart Ingredients: 4 TBSP                Olive Oil ½ TBSP               Garlic, Fresh Minced ½ Cup                 Worden Farm, Yellow Onions, Fresh Minced 2 stalks               Worden Farm, Celery, small dice 2 each                 Worden Farm, Sweet Pepper, small dice 2 Cups (Packed)  Worden Farm, Escarole, chopped 2 … Continue reading Escarole & Spaghetti Squash Soup with Cured Tomatoes and Fresh Herbs

Cured Organic Tomatoes

Curing tomatoes really brings out the flavor. This recipe uses Cherry tomatoes, but Romas and Slicers also work well. Yield: 2 cups Ingredients: 1 Pint          Worden Farm Cherry Tomatoes, halved 2 TBSP       Garlic, Minced 4 TBSP       Herbs, Assorted, Minced 2 TBSP       Extra Virgin Olive Oil 1/2 tsp         Kosher Salt 1/2 tsp         Black Pepper   Method: Cut tomatoes in 1/2. Toss with Garlic, Herbs, Olive oil, … Continue reading Cured Organic Tomatoes

Vegetable Stock

Here’s a classic recipe for vegetable stock with tomatoes. Try other mild-flavored vegetables, too. Yield: 2 quart Ingredients: 1 oz             Vegetable oil 12 oz           Onions, Diced 6oz             Celery, Diced 6 oz            Carrots, Diced 6 oz            Mushrooms 6 oz            Garlic, whole cloves 12 oz           Tomatoes, chopped 1 ea             Sachet d Epice 1 tsp      … Continue reading Vegetable Stock

Cherry Tomato Vinaigrette

One of the many ways we enjoy our cherry tomatoes when we want something a little more unique is to make them the featured ingredient in a vinaigrette, a very colorful, sweet yet tangy one, that we think you will enjoy as well.  You won’t need a lot for this recipe.  Just a cup will do.  We use both our red and Sungold varieties, and … Continue reading Cherry Tomato Vinaigrette