Chilled Kohlrabi Soup with Herb Puree and White Turnip & Collard Green Crisps

Kohlrabi has a mild sweetness that shines in this recipe. This elegant chilled soup, created by the Charlotte Technical College Culinary Arts Program, elevates one of our favorite under-appreciated vegetables to new heights. Cheers, to the mighty kohlrabi! Vegan Version Yield: 1 Quart Ingredients: 2 TBSP                        Olive Oil 4oz                              Sweet Onions, Julienne 1 tsp                           … Continue reading Chilled Kohlrabi Soup with Herb Puree and White Turnip & Collard Green Crisps

Lacto-fermented Cucumber Pickles

Our cucumbers are plentiful now but because Summer is quickly approaching they won’t be for long.  Lacto-fermentation is a tried and tested way of preserving in-season veggies for later use, and requires no pasteurization. Preparation Time:  30 minutes Lacto-fermentation Time:  30 – 60 days Note:  The length of time will depend entirely on the level of sourness you like in your pickles. Yields:  1 half-gallon (here) … Continue reading Lacto-fermented Cucumber Pickles

Sandwich Pickles

Crisp cucumber pickles on a sandwich give a nice crunch and flavor burst. The cucumbers in this recipe are cold pickled so, with the exception of adding the boiling hot brine to each jar filled with sliced cucumbers, dill, garlic, and pickling spices, there is no cooking involved.  Once the jars are capped and cooled we store them in the fridge for up to 30 days. … Continue reading Sandwich Pickles

Chimichurri Many Ways

Summer is fast approaching, and that means grilling.  One of our favorite condiments or sauces to put on grilled veggies is chimichurri, a traditional Argentinian sauce made with parsley, garlic, extra virgin olive oil, red pepper flakes, salt, and black pepper.  There are many other variations that include oregano, rosemary, lemon zest, and even sun-dried tomatoes for a red version. Classic green chimichurri with parsley, garlic, … Continue reading Chimichurri Many Ways

Oven Roasted Tomatoes

We have really enjoyed the tomatoes this season.  There are many ways to preserve tomatoes to enjoy them later in the year when the tomato season has ended. Roasting tomatoes and freezing them is one way to make sure you can enjoy them up to six months later. Here, we use Roma tomatoes, but if you use cherry, grape, or slicer tomatoes, adjust the cooking … Continue reading Oven Roasted Tomatoes

Dill and Almond Pesto with Meyer Lemon Juice

We put so much dill in the bunches we provide our CSA and farmer’s market customers that we often get the question “what can I do with all this dill?” Here is one great way to use the entire bunch but be forewarned.  After you try this dill and almond pesto you may end up wanting to get more than just one bunch of dill. … Continue reading Dill and Almond Pesto with Meyer Lemon Juice

Dilled Gravlax

We love dill, be it in pickles, salads, or grilled seafood, but we especially love it on bagels and lox with all the fixings.  In this recipe we will not only show you how to use our fresh dill on your bagels and lox, we will also show you how to make your own dilled gravlax. You can NEVER use enough dill in the preparation … Continue reading Dilled Gravlax