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Roselle Hibiscus Tea

We love this refreshing, colorful tea made with Roselle hibiscus calyxes, which are the base of the actual flower.  The tea from this plant is known as “Jamaica” in Mexico, and “Sorrel” in Jamaica. Cooking Time:  20 minutes Yield:  1 gallon of finished tea Ingredients: 12-18 fresh hibiscus calyxes, washed, seed pod removed 1/3 cup organic raw cane sugar (optional) 1 gallon water Sprigs of fresh … Continue reading Roselle Hibiscus Tea

Classic Mojito with Organic Mint

While there are countless dishes that use mint, we wanted to present a beverage that really incorporates it and the mojito won the day. This recipe was inspired by the recipe found on Bacardi’s web-site,, but modified for use with a cocktail shaker. The photographs and original recipe were contributed by Ray Toves, a Sarasota-based chef and food photographer.  Preparation Time:  10 minutes Serves: 1 Ingredients: … Continue reading Classic Mojito with Organic Mint