Welcome to Worden Farm to Table, where you’ll find easy veggie recipes. Since founding our organic family farm in 2003, we have prepared and shared thousands of memorable meals.

 We all know that farm-fresh food can keep us healthy and fuel us in all other areas of our lives. But it isn’t as simple as opening a can or going to the drive-through. Eating healthfully takes effort and commitment, and today’s world can be busy and demanding. Getting it all done can be overwhelming. Sometimes our best intentions for eating well get sidelined. To succeed in feeding ourselves fantastic food week after week, we thrive with a steady supply of tested recipes and inspiration about eating well. 

Whether your food comes from Worden Farm in Punta Gorda, Florida, or from another organic farm in another community, we invite you to dig in to Worden Farm to Table.

Wishing you many delicious, nourishing meals. Eat well, and be well!