Lacto-Fermented Watermelon Radishes

This is one of the ways that we like to preserve the seasonal harvest for later enjoyment. Lacto-fermented watermelon radishes are probiotic and so delicious, and they also are so beautiful.  This recipe uses no vinegar, just veggies, salt, water, and time. We love them in salads but check out the Extra! below for another creative and delicious way to use them. Preparation Time:  30 minutes Lacto-fermentation Time:  30 – … Continue reading Lacto-Fermented Watermelon Radishes

Sour Orange Marinated Radishes

This marinated radish recipe is quick, easy and delicious. Add the marinated radishes to your favorite salads or eat them just as they are. Preparation Time:  30 minutes Marinating Time: 1 hour minimum or up to 12 hours Ingredients: 3 medium to large watermelon radishes 6 red salad radishes 6 French breakfast radishes 2 cups chilled sour orange juice* 1/4 cup extra virgin olive oil Kosher … Continue reading Sour Orange Marinated Radishes

Mixed Baby Greens Salad with Sherry Vinaigrette

The best salads are ones that have the freshest ingredients, layers of flavor, a variety of textures, and since we eat with our eyes first, lots of vibrant colors.  This salad made with a variety of organic produce from our farm checks every box. Peppery, sweet, crisp, and herbaceous baby arugula, romaine, red lettuce, red kale and mizuna.  Crisp cucumber slices, sweet and colorful Sungold cherry tomatoes … Continue reading Mixed Baby Greens Salad with Sherry Vinaigrette

Cold Pickled Radishes

Pickling is a great way to preserve the season’s bounty for off-season enjoyment. It is also a great way to enjoy a favorite product like radishes in a different way. Here we use our watermelon radishes, in this recipe but you can pickle our daikon, white, and even table radishes using this recipe.  The only change is that with smaller radishes you may not need … Continue reading Cold Pickled Radishes