Sweet Pepper Glaze

Apricot glaze was the inspiration for this glaze. This glaze uses our sweet peppers.  The orange variety are so close to that of apricots, and while the peppers are not as sweet as apricots they are sweet, hence the name, and they are not spicy at all.  We use this variety of pepper when it is ripe, therefore it will not taste as “vegetal” as … Continue reading Sweet Pepper Glaze

Zoodles with Sweet Peppers in Red Sauce

Have you ever had those times when you’re wondering what to make the family for dinner and tell yourself that you want something “heavy but light” or “not really heavy but not really light”?  This usually happens when we’re also thinking pasta for dinner. At times like these, just run zucchini through a tabletop kitchen tool and turn it into long strings of “pasta”, or zucchini noodles, … Continue reading Zoodles with Sweet Peppers in Red Sauce