Lucky New Year’s Greens and Rice

The tradition in the South is to eat collard greens on New Year’s Day, for good luck. We are all for tradition, but sometimes it is nice to try something NEW that still honors tradition. We feel lucky whenever we eat this rice dish, and it’s perfect for celebrating the New Year, or for any time at all. We love that it is super healthy, and … Continue reading Lucky New Year’s Greens and Rice

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Winter Solstice Soup

We created this recipe for the Winter Solstice, the shortest day of the year. This tasty soup celebrates the current harvests of several favorite crops here in Southwest Florida, making it perfect for the season’s holiday menus. Soups are a great way to use seasonal vegetables from week to week. Most vegetable soups freeze well, so don’t hesitate to make a big batch, and store some … Continue reading Winter Solstice Soup

Roasted Salad Turnips and Sautéed Greens

If you’re looking for a low carb alternative to potatoes or rice, look no further than turnips.  Yes, turnips! While they may be mildly bitter, roasting them will reduce that bitterness and add rich caramelized flavor. Note:  One medium turnip (red or white) has about 8 grams of carbs while the same sized potato has over 35 grams. The turnip roots and the greens are edible. Most … Continue reading Roasted Salad Turnips and Sautéed Greens


Zucchini is a versatile vegetable and is a type of summer squash. It is excellent raw in salads, marinated, grilled, stir fried, sautéed, stuffed and baked, and diced or pureed for soups. Adaptable Zucchini Bread This recipe is a favorite at Worden Farm. It has worked well with every variation we can conjure, from substituting ripe bananas for half of the zucchini, adding chopped apples and walnuts, or grating fresh ginger and zesting … Continue reading Zucchini