September 2020

The vegetable fields have had their annual fallow time, rejuvenating with the summer cover crops. We’ve had time to rest ourselves, and now we’re eagerly anticipating the new organic vegetable season at Worden Farm.

We are planning this season’s harvest distribution with thoughtful consideration. We trust that you understand that temporaryadjustments must be made to find a way forward that protects health and promotes wellness for us all.

For the foreseeable future, our harvests will be available exclusively through organic veggie box memberships. This is the most feasible and caring approach at this time for all the members of our community.

Short-term 4-week organic veggie box membership cycles will accommodate the current circumstances, and provide the flexibility to adapt as conditions change. The traditional farmers market and farm stand options will be reconsidered moving forward. Updates will be made on the Worden Farm website and social media.

It is our passion and our honor to grow safe, healthy food for you. Thank you for your appreciation of our work and for your sustaining support of local organic family farming.

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