Season is winding down…

Our work cycles at the farm are set by the seasons, as they have been for years. This seasonal constancy is a source of purpose and peace.

Now is the time when we wind down the vegetable harvest and prepare the fields for planting cover crops before the start of the rainy season. During the Summer, the cover crops will grow. Once mature, we will mow them and disk them back to the earth, to nourish the soil. Fulfilling their purpose, they will contribute organic matter and nutrients, so that next season’s vegetable crops will flourish.

6 thoughts on “Season is winding down…

  1. Thank you for offering a short subscription of 5 weeks’ worth of veggies. We really appreciate the quality of Worden Farms produce–great taste, beautiful and healthy.

  2. We really appreciate the fresh produce boxes we got last week and this week at the St. Pete Market pick up. It is helping us discover new foods and recipes – once we ID everything in the box 😉
    Thank you so much!

  3. I am so grateful for the weekly veggie boxes we pick up in Sarasota. The quality is impressive, and I love having the recipes online. I am wondering if you keep these recipes posted, or if I need to save them.

    Having all this fresh produce has made getting through these crazy times so much better. THANK YOU!

  4. I have loved my weekly surprise box of delicious fresh organic veggies! The anticipation has been so much fun! I’ve tried a few new foods I may not have chosen and also tried new delicious recipes! Thank you!

    Do you still need donations for boxes to help others?

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