Peace River Painters Visit Worden Farm

The Peace River Painters visited the farm this week for a painting session. They explored the farm landscape and set up their easels, then painted for several hours. At the end of their session, they gathered in the barn to share and discuss their work. You can see pictures of their artwork below, and learn more about them at

Seeing Worden Farm through the eyes and hands of these talented artists brings us joy and gratitude. It is an honor that the place where we live and work is visited annually by the Peace River Painters. It is a testament to the beauty of organic farming, that they choose Worden Farm as a destination to be focused on and depicted in their artwork. Their paintings are shared with others, in their art shows and collections, further spreading organic beauty.

The beautiful Worden Farm landscape exists because of our fabulous farm members and customers who are committed to our common purpose of land stewardship and organic farming. Many thanks and cheers to the wonderful Worden Farm community!