Worden Farm Field Notes: February 6, 2018

Sunday night brought 3/4″ of rain, perfectly timed after the last rain. The planting areas that we are preparing for new transplants were well-watered, and the soil moisture is excellent for the transplants to flourish.

The Sweet Pepper harvest will be strong for another few weeks. Cold weather damaged the pepper leaf, even under the protective cloth row covers. The cold temperatures brought out the sweetness in the peppers, and also in many other winter crops like broccoli, carrots, and kale.

This year’s weather has presented special challenges, with a hurricane and two frost events early in the season. Producing organic crops for our local community is a labor of love that we are committed to, through all kinds of weather. Especially this season, we appreciate your support and understanding that the harvest is weather dependent.

The current more moderate weather is much easier on the crops and on the farm team. Most of the farm work is out in the open fields, and intense weather conditions at either end of thermometer can be difficult. There may yet be more cold events in the coming weeks, but we are looking forward to milder weather in the Spring.

Upcoming events at the farm include the Organic Gardening Workshop on February 17, the Food Preservation Workshop on March 3, and a Sunday Brunch on March 25. Sign up now to save your spot!

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