Worden Farm Field Notes: December 19, 2018

The Winter Solstice this week brings the shortest days and the longest nights of our year. As the days begin to lengthen going forward, the vegetable crops will grow faster with more hours sunshine.

This is “high season” for our crop production cycle. We constantly are planting and harvesting, all while caring for the growing crops in the fields and greenhouses. Our work load now is as busy as it gets, and it stays that way until Spring.

Our northern grower friends meanwhile spend these months shoveling snow and feeding their wood stoves. Our busy time is their off-season. Many friends and family members like stop by Worden Farm during these months.

Chris Worden’s parents, Bill and Donna, are visiting from the family farm in Pennsylvania. They have been enjoying their grandchildren, helping with farm tasks, and relaxing in the Florida sunshine. You might see them at the farm on Wednesday or at one of our farmers markets on Saturday.

The “What Do I Do With All These Veggies?” workshop on Saturday was a success. Participants learned about a wide variety of vegetable cooking techniques and tasted lots of samples. Many thanks to Cindi Florit and her family for their fantastic presentation, and to all of the farm members and guests that attended. We are grateful for your interest and active participation. Together, we are growing a healthy community!


Treat your friends, family, or yourself to a Farm to Table Sunday Brunch at Worden Farm on January 7, 2018. Make the first Sunday of the New Year memorable with this delicious experience.


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