Worden Farm Field Notes: November 28, 2017

Next Wednesday, December 6, we will launch our harvest share distributions for the season. The fields are looking good and the crops are tasting amazing.

Hurricane Irma produced flooding rains and damaging winds a few months ago. We did what we always do in the face of challenging weather — kept on planting. Our community of supportive farm members are held in our hearts and minds as we keep on, past the setbacks.

Looking out across the farm fields, gorgeous head lettuces and leafy greens are alongside squashes, eggplant, herbs, and root crops. Our diverse crop mix offers an abundance that changes from week to week and always stays interesting for our farm members.

We are eagerly anticipating this first harvest for on-farm and organic veggie box members. The crops are ready, and so are we. Members, get ready for 20 weeks of fresh local organic vegetables!

One thought on “Worden Farm Field Notes: November 28, 2017

  1. Fantastic, thank you so much for what you do for all of us 💞 Today was our first trip to your farm, and we were truly grateful to be a part of this, this season. Beautiful, healthy food and so many choices in such abundance. I believe you two checked us out, but I wasn’t sure it was you. Thanks again. We really appreciate you!

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