Worden Farm Field Notes: April 18, 2017


We always are grateful when our dedicated farm members and market customers share their love of Worden Farm with friends and neighbors. The farm continues to grow and be sustainable with this wonderful, supportive local community.

Enrollment is now open for next season’s farm membership program. Choose from our three types of farm membership: Organic Farm StandOrganic Veggie Box, or Organic Farmers Market. Secure your membership spot for next season. Sign up now, and get fresh, local, organic vegetables for the 2017-18 harvest season!

In the summer, we will make improvements to the farm and get ready for next season. The cover crops will grow in the fields and improve the soil health for the upcoming vegetable crop season.

On a personal note, Chris’s grandfather recently passed away. He was a fourth generation family farmer in Pennsylvania. At the age of 93, he was still an active farmer, an avid outdoorsman, and always enjoyed spending time with his family. He was a great man and an inspiration to us.

Living and working on a farm, and highly attuned to the forces of nature, we strongly feel the seasonal changes and cycles. Here in South Florida, there is the busy time of high season in Fall through Spring, and then there is the slower summertime. They’re all good.

One thought on “Worden Farm Field Notes: April 18, 2017

  1. Sorry for the loss of Chris’ grandfather. His life must be celebrated as he left a legacy in farming knowledge to those who knew him. Blessings. Enjoying your blog site.

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