Worden Farm Field Notes: April 11, 2017

A much-needed rain last week gave the fields a good soaking and greened up the landscape. The Spring flowers are now full of nectar, because they are well hydrated. The honeybees are happily drinking nectar and pollinating the flowers in our biostrip plantings.

Our baby calves are growing well. They seem to like the cool mornings that we have had lately. They are bright-eyed and jumping around their mothers.

The Swallowtail Kites are still at the farm. They swoop and glide gracefully on the wind currents over the farm fields. As the fields go fallow and we start to seed the cover crops, the Killdeer start to nest in the open ground. There are many more species of birds at the farm. We notice their presence and their behavior, and take satisfaction in providing them with a healthy habitat.

As the season ends, people ask us what we do in the summertime. There are several projects already in the works, and our to-do list is starting to get longer. We think about the upcoming season and what improvements will contribute to the farm’s efficiency and sustainability.


2 thoughts on “Worden Farm Field Notes: April 11, 2017

  1. This is the saddest time of year for us, other than the traffic improves a little bit. We have stowed away for summer, but not quite the same as fresh from the farm. On an up note, everyone needs some down time, a little space to breathe and reconnect. So we will celebrate that this is your time for all of that and be grateful that we will be seeing you again, next season. Thank you for all you bring to our table and our community. We are truly blessed.

  2. This time of year used to make me sad until I realized just how much our ground — and our farmers — need some time that is slightly slower. But having also been around through multiple summers, I know how little down time there actually is. Cheers to one of the hardest working couples I know. And thank you for all you do. We truly do appreciate it, even though we will miss your veggies so much over the next months.

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