Worden Farm Field Notes: March 7, 2017

The Swallowtail Kites are back for the season. They are majestic birds that soar above the fields on wind currents. These birds are indicator species of the farm as a healthy, diverse ecosystem.

It looks like we are past the point of a possible major frost. We did have patchy frost one night, which affected some early Spring plantings, but it was fairly mild. Overall, it has been a warmer Winter than usual.

The weather has been windy at the farm. The thousands of windbreak trees that we have planted are helping to protect the crops and create microclimates within the farm landscape.

It is dry, but we have had a couple of heavy rains. We are expecting greater pest pressure with the warmer days and evenings ahead.

The longer days that we are having now are helping with crops growing quickly and vigorously. We are looking forward to the upcoming weeks of harvest.

Check out this video of the Sarasota Farmers Market Manager’s Field Trip to Worden Farm!

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