Worden Farm Field Notes: February 14, 2017

Worden Farm has worked for many years with the Culinary Arts program at Charlotte Technical College to help with the training of our community’s future food service professionals. They, in turn, help Worden Farm in our mission to teach community members how to prepare fresh vegetables. Today at the Charlotte Technical College, the student chefs had a special Worden Farm Veggie Box Challenge.

Student Chefs received a Worden Farm Organic Veggie Box with all of this week’s crops, and along with Gulf Shrimp and a few pantry staples, were challenged to make a dish using all of the ingredients. It was inspiring to witness the focus and dedication that each student brought to the competition.

Every single one of the dishes was impressive and delicious. The winning dish, prepared by Student Chef Daniel Ulmaniec, will be the featured cooking demonstration at Worden Farm tomorrow.

Many thanks to all who participated and made it a success: all of the student chefs, Judges Kim Amontree, Ellen Hager, Barbara McCauley,  and Ray Toves; Chef Instructors Jason Osborne, Ron Westrom, and Jenna Hartman, and CTC Director DeeLynn Bennett.




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