Worden Farm Field Notes: February 8, 2017

This week marks the halfway point in our harvest season for Organic Veggie Box and Worden Farm Market CSA farm members. This is Week 10 of our 20-week CSA season. The harvests have been going well this season, and many more crops are growing well in the field.

We are especially pleased with this season with our sweet peppers. They have continuously yielded well, due to the warm winter weather. Sweet peppers are versatile, delicious, and nutrient rich. They can be easily chopped or sliced and then frozen without blanching to be used at a later date.


chopped peppers

On the topic of freezing vegetables, the Food Preservation Workshop is coming up in a few weeks, on Saturday, February 25, 2017. Canning, freezing, and dehydrating food are food preservation methods taught in this overview workshop. Learn how to save some of the seasonal abundance for later use. After the harvest season is over, you will be glad to have a supply of preserved local organic vegetables in your freezer or pantry. We hope to see you there! Sign up here…



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