Worden Farm Field Notes: January 24, 2017

Farm weather this week has been odd: windy, but still unseasonably warm and nowhere near the typical cold to freezing temperatures. Around here at this time of year, winds usually come from the North, followed by freezing cold weather. This weekend, strong winds came from the South.

On Sunday afternoon, the wind ripped the roof sheeting from one of our greenhouses. We quickly moved the newly seeded transplant trays to our other greenhouse, to protect them from the expected heavy rain. The roof will need to be replaced soon.

February 14 is just a few weeks away. That’s the historic average date for “last frost” in this area. We are counting the days. There still are many warm season crops growing well in the fields, like eggplant and tomatoes, and we would like to not lose them to a late freeze.

Chef Joey Egan of Tableseide Group came to the farm to pick up the vegetables that he will use for Thursday’s Outstanding in the Field event. There are still a few seats at the table, and we would love for you to join us.

If you are wanting to get your gardening game on, then come to the Organic Gardening Workshop on Saturday at 2:00 PM. Learn about site selection, irrigation, crop planning, propagation, soil fertility, composting, and pest management for Florida organic gardens. Sign up now.

Also this week, Worden Farm will be filmed once again for the Organic Rising movie. There have been several days of shooting here over recent years, starting in December of 2012. Feature documentary film projects like these can take awhile to complete, but it is expected to be released soon.

Organic Rising Director Anthony Suau will be at the farm to shoot final footage for our segment. So if you’re coming to the farm this week, you might want to be “camera-ready” in case he wants to catch you on film!

greenhouse roof gone.JPG

Strong winds ripped off the greenhouse roof

Farmer Chris and Chef Joey loading vegetables for the Outstanding in the Field event


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