Worden Farm Field Notes: December 27, 2016

We hope that your holidays were joyful. It was a pleasure to celebrate the holidays with the Worden Farm team and with our family. Our hearts have been filled with compassion, and we are grateful for the abundance that surrounds us.

A warm “Welcome back!” to our “snowbird” friends and farm members who are returning to nest in Florida for the Winter. We greatly appreciate the special contributions that they individually and collectively make to our local community.

Speaking of birds, Worden Farm is home to many different avian species, including hawks, woodpeckers, killdeer, and many more. We are pleased to report that a small covey of quail now resides on the farm. The covey started with a pair of quail who found the farm four years ago, probably from the state game lands across the street. Currently the group is 20 or so birds. We often spot them in our pine forest and farm ditches. Quail are considered indicators of a healthy ecosystem, and so are amphibians. We hear choruses of frogs on our warmer evenings at the farm.

Stewardship at Worden Farm involves sustainably producing healthy organic food crops, and all of the associated soil and water conservation practices and outcomes. At the same time, we can create and maintain healthy natural habitats to promote populations of desirable wildlife species. Sharing our small patch of land with quail, frogs, and other species is a responsibility that we are honored to accept.

Weather at the farm has been a little bit cooler and drier this week.  We have had heavy fog on several mornings lately, which can help newly transplanted crops to acclimatize in the field. On Friday and Saturday of this week, we are expecting cooler temperatures, and then warmer temperatures again next week.

Slightly cooler temperatures and the shorter day length at this time of year causes plant growth to slow down a bit. Weed pressure is less this year than last year, because of the lower amount of rainfall. Warm season crops like peppers, eggplant, and tomatoes are still growing well. Overall, crops are looking great in both the greenhouse and the fields, and we are on track for many fantastic harvests in the coming months.

The Worden Farm to Table Demo Lunch scheduled for January 12 is filling up. Now would be a great time to sign up, if you would like to attend. It will be a lovely event, with a cooking demonstration and several courses of farm fresh food.

We are looking forward to a wonderful year ahead, and hope to see you soon at one or more of our farm events. Happy New Year!

Sweet peppers are growing well this season, and are so delicious!


Register now for the Worden Farm to Table Demo Lunches

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