Worden Farm Field Notes: December 13, 2016

It has been a busy week. All is well at the farm. The crops and the fields look great. Everyone on the Worden Farm team is happy about last week’s CSA launch. The farmers markets in Sarasota and Saint Petersburg are going well and our teams there are fantastic. It is a joy to share our organic vegetables with the community that supports us. The farm is in full swing for the season.

First day of the CSA for the 2016-17 season

Cool and dry weather, like we have now, is a good weather pattern for the vegetables. The forecast for the next 10 days looks good for the farm.

We continue to plant many baby plants from the greenhouse into the field. Mostly this week we are planting cold-tolerant crops like lettuce and plants in the cole crop family, like broccoli and cabbage. This is in anticipation of the cooler weather in the coming months.

Depending on the crop, it can take anywhere from 6 to 12 weeks in the field after transplanting until first harvest. The transplanted crops that we are harvesting now were planted back in October or even much earlier.

The bok choy that is ready for harvest now is looking beautiful in the field and tastes delicious. Watch this site in the coming week for several new bok choy recipes.

A rosette of bok choy growing in the field

Peppers are starting to color. All the peppers start out green and then go from green to red or yellow or orange, or shades in between. This is a sweetening and ripening process. Time is the main factor for developing color in peppers. Unfortunately, crop pests also like the sugars in the colored peppers, so they are a challenge to grow organically, but an achievement to harvest. We’re excited to be harvesting many colored peppers this week.

Colored pepper harvest

At this time of year, our focus is on the crops and on identifying improvements that will help our team in the crop season. We recently recognized a need for a couple of harvest carts, which we are building now. One of the two carts will be completed this week, and will be put right into service during the harvest.

A functional, active equipment shop is a sign of a working farm. Greg, our mechanic, works with us to build new equipment and quickly repair broken equipment. He keeps the team rolling through the season, so that we can keep on planting, maintaining, and harvesting the crops.

Greg, our mechanic, with the harvest wagon in progress

2 thoughts on “Worden Farm Field Notes: December 13, 2016

  1. Love the recipes and make many of them. However, have not seen the featured vegie feature. Please bring it back. It is very helpful in planning

    1. Thank you! We appreciate knowing that you like the featured veggies and will keep that in mind going forward. Be sure to look on the member resources page to help with planning for the CSA crops.

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