Worden Farm Field Notes: December 6, 2016

The planting season started with extremely hot and wet fields in late summer, but October and November have been moderately warm and dry. Lately the weather at the farm has been cooler and dry. Cooler temperatures have helped crop production and the crops are coming on nicely now.

Greenhouse seeding is on track for the season. Few pest problems have occurred in the greenhouse. We are planting in the field every week, both transplanting from the greenhouse and direct seeding.

Our work continues on farm infrastructure and equipment improvements. Currently we are building small portable harvest carts to help to create shade for harvested vegetables, carry harvest supplies, and haul bulk field crates of picked vegetables.

Lettuce and greens are tasty because of the recent cool evenings. Cilantro has finally flourished because of the drier weather pattern. Peppers and eggplant have matured well during the warmer temperatures of October and early November. Many more crops are coming along, and we look forward to sharing them with you.

This season’s farm membership program is well-enrolled. This week is the seasonal launch of our Organic On-Farm Market and our Organic Veggie Box deliveries. Now all of our work of the past five months in preparing for our peak harvest season is coming to fruition.

Providing amazing organic vegetables to our community would not be possible without the capable dedication of each member of the whole Worden Farm Team. This season’s team includes several who have been with Worden Farm for many years. They love growing plants and enjoy collaborating in our group effort of starting with single seeds and supporting each plant’s growing process with daily care, all the way to the harvest.

The work of organic farming is in large part working with soils, plants, and the many living and non-living elements of our agricultural ecosystem to produce healthy food crops. These crops in turn help to grow and support a healthy human community that is part of our larger ecosystem. As we prepare to distribute the harvests to our farm members this week, we are filled with gratitude for our local community of many understanding individuals who are making the choice to support our work.

6 thoughts on “Worden Farm Field Notes: December 6, 2016

  1. Just received my very first Worden Farms membership subscription delivery/pickup in Cape Coral, and was absolutely AMAZED at the beautiful, chilled produce:
    Avocado – 1
    Cilantro – 1
    Eggplant mix – 5 (Globe, Asian, etc.)
    Lettuce Heads – 2 (Don’t know the type)
    Mizuna – Asian Mustard – 1
    Pepper mix – 4 (2 green bell, 1 yellow long, 1 red long)
    Turnips – (Salad) – ‘Scarlet Queen’ – 4
    Zucchini – 4
    Thank you all for your efforts in providing such top quality.
    The Gulledge Family, 12-07-16

  2. I got my first box yesterday and I’m VERY impressed with the quality, taste, & assortment. I thought that the turnips were radishes, & cut some onto a salad. They were great that way, & added crunch! I’m making guacamole,baked eggplant, ratatouille, & stuffed peppers!!!!! Thank you for delivering such high quality produce!
    Diane Chernow

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